Monday, 7 October 2013

School Holiday Blues!

Now, we all know everyone loves school holidays (especially me), but when we end up getting to that time, we don't really have anything to do. This is just a few ideas of something you can get up to:
  1. Read: These holidays I have recently been reading a decent bit of 'An abundance of Katherine's' By John Green (I recommend). This is a good way to relax and just pass a few hours really. Get a nice spot outside in the sun and read for a good few hours.
  2. Take up Yoga/Pilates: Not only is this good for your body but very relaxing for the mind. You could either go to a class during the day or you could simply do it at home (this is what I do). 
  3. Make plans with friends: Hanging with friends in the holidays is a good idea, it still keeps you social and you still get to do fun things! Grab a coffee with them, lunch, go shopping, go for a nice walk perhaps?
  4. Paint: These holidays I walked down to my local bay and bought a canvas, paint and some paint brushes. I think painting is a good way to calm and relax whilst out on the deck in the sun. I have been painting with both acrylic and water colour paints. This definitely helps pass the time and is also very fun :)
Now I have been assuming that your parents are at work and your are possibly home by yourself or with a sibling. But if you are accompanied by your parents in the holidays that sure makes everything a lot more fun. Here are a few ideas:

  1. The Zoo: I personally love the Zoo and seen as though I live in Auckland I have a fantastic zoo not too far away from me. This is always a great resort if it is a sunny day and you are in the mood for looking at some animals :)
  2. Beach day: Drive up the coast and you have lovely beaches here in sunny old NZ! Take a towel and lie down. Soak up some sun and interact with the family!
  3. Rainbow's End: In NZ we have a nice theme park called 'Rainbow's End'. It is very fun for all the family and friends and is quite affordable!
I know that this probably didn't help some of you (or most), but it was just a few ideas/things that you could get up to in the holidays!

Lots of Love, Heather x x x


  1. We have finished school holidays here! Anyway I spend all my free time windsurfing ;)
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  3. I have always wanted to learn yoga or pilates! hope you have a great day!

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