Monday, 7 October 2013

Style-spiration: Lily Collins

Lily Collins:

This week, Lily Collins has really been inspiring me both in her makeup looks to her fashion pieces on the red carpet. Lily Collins has become my favourite actress amongst Young-Hollywood. After seeing a movie called 'Stuck in love', Lily plays a 19 year old-cynical-novel writing-teen.

Lily has changed her style over the years from being considered 'cute and girly' to 'edgy and punk'. Both her fashion style and makeup changes all the time, I think this is quite fun for a young Hollywood actress.
 Lily takes a lot of style inspiration from Audrey Hepburn, both in makeup and the way she has dressed recently. The young actress has recently done a photo shoot with the theme of Audrey herself. Portraying and typically embodying Audrey herself. (Photos from the shoot, below).


One thing both Lily and Audrey definitely have in common is that they are both very timeless-beauties. Lily is a natural beauty but she definitely vamps things up for the red carpet. I love how Lily can be so natural and effortless but the next minute she can be so edgy and cool. Lily has a very defined eyebrow and that is something that she definitely plays up!
 I personally love Lily's tough-cool-edgy chick look! Plus the hair, both the length and the colour takes this whole look to another level! Take a leaf out of Lily's book and go for a defined brow, a dark sultry eye colour, and dark lips!
Lily has an exquisite taste in fashion which I personally dig! She is very adventurous and I can definitely see her being a major player in the fashion world! As she was recently sitting next to Ciara, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian at the Givenchy Paris Fashion week show. She is moving into the higher ranks of fashion and I truly applaud her on this swift transition from 'girly' to 'edgy'.

Once again, I truly love Lily Collins and definitely commend her for her outstanding makeup looks and fashion choices.

Lots of Love, Heather x x x


  1. Well, I definitely like Lily Collins too. She's really pretty :) Thanks for the follow on my bloglovin' account. I returned the favor. I'm also following your blog. Can you follow mine too please?

    1. Yea I really like Lily Collins :) She's very good at what she does! I can definitely follow you back!

  2. Her eyebrows are to die for! Great post!
    Sincerely, Blanche! xx

  3. I love her style so much :) Anyone who takes inspiration from Audrey Hepburn should definitely be admired!