Friday, 21 February 2014

Hello 2014 - BEAUTY/FASHION FIX (Delayed post)

Hello People of the internet world, welcome to 2014. For me personally I don't feel as though anything has changed much at all. I'm still me and I am still writing '2013' when I'm writing the date. As this is a delayed post and it's already February, I would just like to say that I'm hoping all of you reading this are having a good year so far! Soon it will be Christmas and I will be making a 'Hello 2015 (another Delayed welcome-to-the-year post). This year will fly by and so will our fashion trends and beauty fixtures. Now, let's get down to upcoming trends we will be seeing this year!

1. Geometrical - origami like style, new textures/prints all through geometry! Look for structured pieces that are different and quite quirky, we will be seeing this in 2014.

2. Royal Blue and Oxblood Red - 2014 is kicking things off with bold colors and fashion couldn't get any better in my opinion. Look for an electric blue that's intense and that's sure to catch people's attention. Both Royal Blue and Oxblood Red have been seen a lot in fashion shows and on celebs.

3. ORANGE is the new BLACK - That's right, colors are so big this year, and orange is coming up, so look out for anything orange that's very fashion forward and you're sure to pop!

4. Menswear inspired tailoring - 2014 is going to be big on suits for women! Tailored and fit properly.

~ The hair trends recently have been mainly pulled back but still 'big' in a sense, such as high buns/low buns and high pony tails. Pulled right back and smoothed down. Another trend was generally 'big' hair like i said before. Pulled back but still made big.

~ It's all about the eyes this year so look out. Bold eyes and a lip color that is either stained 'claret'/practically nothing or a darker lip. Intricate detailing on the eye of colors and eyeliner. 

Thank you for reading and having a look. I hope all experiences in your year are taken and used for good, I hope you enjoyed this fashion/beauty fix! Looking forward to the rest of 2014, comment below if you enjoyed this and tell me what you're loving the most!

love lots, from Heather x x x

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