Monday, 19 August 2013

Birthday time!!

Hey there fellow Bloggers :) So on the 18/08 we celebrated my Father's birthday (he was born on the 19th but we had to do it on the Sunday because the following day would have been a Monday and that would just not have worked out in our favour) and we had the greatest day and my dad had the greatest birthday too! It all started off with my dad waking up and getting ambushed with presents from overseas from the relatives and presents from my brother, mum and I. He was thrilled with all the presents (not being bias here) but he loved my montage video of memories/photos/songs that revolved around our family. It was a great start to the day we had planned ahead.

Next we headed to Ransom Winery were we see from the photos above we had a platter and an amazing view to add to that :) It was an extraordinary day as it had been raining all week and cleared up just for his special day! We made the most of the day and really soaked up all the rays from the sun!

After leaving the Ransom Winery, we headed to Sandspit were we witnessed Dolphins in the wild for the very first time! That really made the day all the much better :) You can see from the 3rd photo down and you may have been wondering what that photo was actually all about. Well now you know! The Dolphins came in toward the harbour and then they swam back out to the coast, for a brief 10 minutes we were all just in shock that we saw Dolphins for the very first time in their natural habitat and especially on my Father's birthday!

All in all The day we had was a great day! We had so much fun and then we stopped off at the Orewa lookout and took family photos (That is me and my dad). I can't say how much I love my family and proud to be apart of the Brook-clan! We sometimes argue and fight but we are family and I couldn't have asked for a better day!

Lots of Love ya'll, from Heather x x